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Welcome at Notaris Houtepen

Buying a house, getting married, gifting, or incorporating a company are special occasions in your life. Notaris Houtepen is proud that our team may help you to make the arrangements for these memorable moments.

Most people need a civil-law notary a few times in their lives. Notaris Houtepen can assist you with your wishes during these phases in your life. Our employees actively weigh up the possibilities to arrive at the solution that is best for you and for the people around you.

  • Buying or selling your house
  • Cohabiting, getting married or divorced
  • Your estate, gifting and inheriting
  • Incorporating a foundation, association or private limited company


Stratumsedijk 99
5614 HP Eindhoven

Postbus 2432
5600 CK Eindhoven

T: 040-7 878 878

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Copyright © 2019 Notaris Houtepen
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